New Group exhibition at BAM Rennes. 
Opening: 17/03/2023
My new and second personal photography exhibition is opened in Maison du Quartier - VilleJean, Rennes. You can see my three series;
Through the Windows
La Solitude
Kar: Istanbul Under The Snow
11-27 March 2023
My latest photo on Foundation will be exhibited at Rug Radio Gallery on 21-22 June.
You can check it from the link:
New Exhibition: Les Solitudes
I've opened a new Exhibition in Rennes with photographer Didier Gautier. You can see it till 4th July.
2 June - 4 july 2022
Vernissage: 11 Juin 11:00
Free Entry : 9h-12h/ 14h-17h30
Cloitre Saint-Cyr - 59 Rue Papu, RENNES
New Series, Through The Window 
I saw you suffering… 
The city of Istanbul is divided by a sea lane called the Bosphorus Strait. The Ferries have traversed these waters for millennia and were the only mode of transport between the European and Asian halves of Istanbul before the bridges. When I was working in Istanbul, my daily job did not give me many opportunities for photography. There was no time to get out to the office and shoot. For that reason, I used my commuting times to shoot photos on public transport. I was living in Asia and my work was in the European part, so I was using ferries mostly. I was with them, and everyone had a different story to tell. I want to capture their emotions. This series of photos looks at the people in the ferry lines and tries to connect them with the viewers using the power of photography. We, photographers, put lens glass between people and ourselves. Now, I put another glass window in this series to isolate myself and give my subject a different story. 
MY collection Kar: Istanbul Under Snow is chosen notable drops by OpenSea. You can check all NFT photographs from the link below. 
I'm featuring on France Photography Federation's magazine France Photographie with my Photo series Shadows and Silhouettes.
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